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March 2018

BiopSafe Container is Now Available in 60 ml


In addition to the 20ml container the BiopSafe buffered formalin solution is now available in a 60ml container. The new 60ml container is useful for storage of larger tissue in a safe way and can contain up to four standard cassettes. Together with the 20ml container, it will provide a complete formalin fixation solution that is safe and easy to work with. The 60ml container comes in transportation boxes of 72 pieces.

The BiopSafe system consists of a small, easy to use container (vial) with a 4 % formaldehyde solution capsuled in the lid. You screw the lid on and apply pressure with your thumb, allowing the formalin to flow out and cover the biopsy. Everything is done inside the container and no formalin is released in either liquid or vapor form.

Mermaid Medical is the exclusive distributor in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Please contact your local representative for more information.


Distribution of AMICA System in Finland


We are excited to announce that by March 2018 Mermaid Medical can add Finland to the current list of countries where Mermaid distributes the AMICA System. Mermaid is the exclusive distributor in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland.

The AMICA System is a thermoablation system with one device applying either RF or microwave power for ablation. AMICA is thereby the only available generator capable of providing the two most widespread thermoablation technologies in the same hardware.

AMICA will be distributed in Finland via Mermaid’s direct sales force. Please contact your local representative or go to the product site for further information.

February 2018

Introducing Intuit™ with PeelSafe Advantage™


PeelSafe Advantage is fast and convenient, peel off the label and apply directly to the transducer without gel inside the cover.

As an infection control leader in the market, CIVCO is excited to introduce a new technology to save time and streamline your ultrasound workflow. This new technology in conjunction with our Intuit series covers is an intuitive, easy-to-use sterile barrier and designed to provide distortion-free images while scanning.

PeelSafe Advantage™ saves time, no gel needed inside cover, will not leave residue on the transducer, will not harm your transducer.

Intuit Roll™ with PEELSafe Advantage

  • Open face for easy insertion of transducer
  • Pull-tab designed for consistent deployment without breaching sterile field
  • Interior band remains intact eliminating need for sliding additional bands down the cord

Intuit SnapFit™ with PEELSafe Advantage

  • Sterile applicator includes diagram indicating cover placement direction on probe
  • Easy deployment over the transducer for complete sterile field
  • Designed to eliminate variability in procedure set-up
PeelSafe Roll
PeelSafe Advantage
PeelSafe Roll

January 2018

Exclusive Distribution of ProbeFix in Spain and Portugal


We are proud to announce that by January 19th, 2018 Mermaid Medical can add Spain and Portugal to the current list of countries (Netherlands, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland) where Mermaid exclusively distributes ProbeFix. The fixation device for cardiac ultrasound transducers is developed by the Dutch company Usono that develops smart ultrasound solutions to ease, improve and innovate the use of ultrasound. Since its release last year, ProbeFix has received lots of international attention and positive user feedback. The stable and adjustable fixation allows for hands-free ultrasound measurements during lengthy cardiac exams and other time-consuming procedures like stress echo or cardiac output monitoring. This innovative fixation system confirms improved workflow of cardiologists which enhances the examination quality and consequently a more reliable diagnosis for the patient.

ProbeFix will be distributed in Spain and Portugal via Mermaid Medical’s local dealer network.



Mermaid Medical Iberia, Nat. Sales Manager, Ruth Perez:
+34 925 717378

Fixation device

December 2017

Introducing Cassi® Star Breast Tissue Marker


The Cassi Star Breast Tissue Marker has been developed for enhanced ultrasound visibility. Its star shape, with eight deep cut edges, secures bright reflection of ultrasound waves and is easily distinguished from other breast tissue markers under mammographic imaging.

The Cassi Star Breast Tissue Marker is made of Polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) Polymers which are used routinely in surgical implants and dental devices. PEKK provides permanent visibility in all imaging modalities and does not have additional materials that can cause the marker to expand or change form over time.

Cassi STAR
Cassi STAR Mammo
Cassi STAR Ultrasound

October 2017

Improved User Experience with Verza Guidance System


Experience a New Frontier in Ultrasound Guidance

Designed with extensive physician input, the Verza Guidance System delivers unmatched clinical versatility, improved user experience and confident outcomes. Verza is the first commercial guide providing five-angle depths to accommodate a wide range of anatomical targets. Verza supports the industry’s largest range of interventional devices (14 gauges) for precise instrument placement.

Verza Guide
Verza Direct Attachment

Setting a New Standard for Ease-of-use

Verza is designed to provide clinicians added benefit with easy-to-read gauge sizes, angle indicator and repeatable quick-release for secure instrument detachment. The Verza design offers attachment to custom re-useable non-sterile brackets and features VerzaLink, a direct attach locating feature, that will be available soon.

Verza guidetree
Verza logo

September 2017

We are proud to present ProbeFix by Usono


We are proud to announce that we have signed a distribution contract with the Eindhoven startup, Usono, for the Netherlands, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland for the next four years. Now that the official CE approval is received, we can enter the European market.

Usono makes a device called ProbeFix with which it becomes easier to make an ultrasound: It fixes the position of the device so that the physician has both hands free for operation. Co-founders Benjamin Tchang (CEO), Victor Donker (COO) and Jori Verbeek (CTO) have now, a year after their start in HightTechXL, assembled a team of designers and business developers, which accelerated the production. Usono is located on the High Tech Campus and on the Health Innovation Campus of the Maxima Medical Center in Veldhoven

“We were already carefully working on sales through pre-orders and official quotations in the Netherlands and Belgium”, says Victor Donker. “But with Mermaid Medical, a specialist in the field of sales of accessories for ultrasound, it all accelerates. As a result, we must be able to sell hundreds of ProbeFixes and hundreds of thousands of disposable straps in the coming years.”

ProbeFix is a non-invasive tool which provides lengthy and stable fixation of an ultrasound probe to the body. The device facilitates hands-free and continuous ultrasound measurement, inducing reproducibility of the ultrasound image. As a result, it significantly optimizes examination quality. Stress echocardiography procedures and cardiac output monitoring at the intensive care department directly benefit from ProbeFix.

Read more about the Usono start-up and the development process; click here

ProbeFix bands

CIRSE 2017 in Copenhagen, September 16-20


The 32nd CIRSE congress will open on Saturday, September 16. This year CIRSE will be held in Mermaid’s hometown, Copenhagen, in the magnificent Bella Center, one of Scandinavia’s largest conference centres. Mermaid will present the rotational thrombectomy system – D*Clot® OTW. Come and meet us at booth #44, we will be delighted to welcome you there.

The D*Clot® OTW is a wire-guided, rotational thrombectomy system indicated for removing thrombus in the peripheral vasculature. D*Clot® OTW is available in 6F and 7F diameters in a range of catheter lengths all compatible with .018” guide wires. Pending CE re-certification. 

May 2014

April 2014

Mermaid Medical Inc. At SIR 2014 in San Diego


Mermaid Medical, Inc. exhibited for the first time at the 39th Annual Society of Interventional radiology (SIR) in San Diego, California. The booth was very well attended throughout the whole exhibition period and we experienced great interest in our products and set up.