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January 2017

Mermaid Medical Group Supports The Danish Refugee Council


Again this year the Mermaid Medical Group supports the The Danish Refugee Council.

There are more refugees in the world than ever, in fact more than 45 million people are displaced from their homes all over the world and they need help. The Danish Refugee Council distributes emergency relief and promotes lasting solutions to refugee problems to approximately 2 million displaced people in more than 30 conflict affected countries. Mermaid Medical supports this work through a business partnership which includes a yearly donation to the Danish Refugee Council.

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is a humanitarian, non-governmental, non-profit organisation working in more than 30 countries throughout the world. The Danish Refugee Council is currently implementing a broad range of activities relevant to conflict affected communities and persons. The activities are categorized in ten sectors: Shelter and Non-food Items, Food Security, Protection, Income Generation, Coordination & Operational Services, Community Infrastructure & Services, Humanitarian Mine Action, Armed Violence Reduction (AVR), Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), and Education.
Danish Refugee Council

December 2016

Introducing Tumark Vision Clip Marker


Tumark Vision enables precise marking of breast lesions. The unique spherical shape and wire mesh structure lead to high echogenicity in any position under ultrasound imaging. The non-resorbing and self-expanding marker material nitinol enables long-term stability and visibility.

Tumark Vision Clip Marker

Tumark Vision Features

Tumark Vision Clip Marker close-up

Tumark Vision visibility under Mammography, Tomosynthesis and Ultrasound

Tumark Vision Mammography
Tumark Vision Tomosynthesis
Tumark Vision Ultrasound

Please contact your local representative or go to the product site for more information about the product.

September 2016

Introducing M•Fixx™ Catheter Securement Device with Hydrocolloid Core


As part of the continuing expansion of our M•Drain™ product line, we are pleased to announce the addition of M•Fixx™ Catheter Securement Device with a Hydrocolloid Core. The M•Fixx™ Catheter Securement Device is for safely anchoring percutaneous drainage catheters ranging from 5 Fr to 16 Fr.

M•Fixx™ is truly a product that has been developed in cooperation with the customers, and with the clinical personal and patients in focus.

The low profile design allows free flowing drainage during the life of the M•Fixx™ with very little attention from the user. The hydrocolloid core provides improved patient comfort and absorbs body fluids from puncture site. The M•Fixx™ is sterile, latex and phthalate free.

Article number
A20100090: 6.5cm x 8.0cm, 25pcs per box

Please contact your local representative or go to the product site for more information about the product.

July 2016

Scion Medical Technologies and Mermaid Medical Group Enter Global Distribution Agreement to Distribute Cassi™ Rotational Core Ultrasound Biopsy Device and Beacon™ Tissue Marker


Scion Medical Technologies, a China-based global medical device company, today announced it entered into an exclusive global distributor agreement with Mermaid Medical, a leading medical device company with major focus in breast care and women’s health. With this agreement, Scion Medical Technologies will further extend the availability of its patented Cassi™ Rotational Core Ultrasound Biopsy Device and Beacon™ Tissue Marker.

Cassi™ is a hand-held, self-contained rotational core ultrasound biopsy device that provides accurate target tissue sampling while delivering more biopsy tissue in fewer passes. One of Cassi’s advantages is its patented Stick-Freeze Technology™ which immobilizes the lesion and secures the tissue for sample collection.

Beacon™ is a nonmetallic tissue marker and is biocompatible for permanent placement within breast tissue. The Beacon breast tissue marker is designed to provide permanent visualization under the major imaging modalities: ultrasound, mammography (X-Ray) and MRI.

According to David Chen, Chairman and CEO of Scion Medical Technologies, “We are excited to be able to partner with Mermaid Medical because of its experience as a medical device distributor, in-depth knowledge of breast biopsy market, as well as its dedicated sales team in Europe and USA. We believe this alliance will enable us to deliver our innovative tools to the healthcare professionals to enhance patient care.”

Mermaid Medical Group has its focus on Breast care and women’s health with a dedicated direct sales force in all major European markets and in the USA. Other markets are supported by well-established distributors. “The partnership with Scion Medical Technologies is the perfect match for Mermaid Medical’s strategy of building up a first class breast product portfolio and we have high hopes of the cooperation and selling of CassiTM and the non-metalic BeaconTM marker for ultrasound, mammography (X-Ray), MRI and tomosynthesis” said Lars Vinther, CEO of Mermaid Medical. “The Scion product line is a perfect match with the R&D pipeline that Mermaid Medical will release over the next 12 months.”

Scion Medical Technologies engaged Medical Device Incubator and Technology Brokerage firm, Hatch Medical LLC to broker the transaction.

About Scion Medical Technologies
Scion Medical Technologies (Scion) is a global medical device company with operations in USA and China. Scion has a portfolio of products with marketing clearance which are sold in the US, Europe and Asia both directly by Scion and through distribution partners. Scion is a fully integrated company with two manufacturing facilities in China as well as R&D, distribution and regulatory expertise. The Company has grown mainly through product acquisition and partnering transactions with both midsize and large multinational companies. Scion’s expertise is in minimally invasive procedures with a focus on products used mainly by interventional radiologists and surgeons.

About Mermaid Medical
Mermaid Medical Group is a private and independently owned company founded in 2007 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Mermaid is a global manufacturer and distributor of medical devices and has its main focus on breast care and women’s health, interventional radiology & cardiology and ultrasound interventions.

Within our areas of business we strive to be the preferred partner for both manufacturers of medical devices as well as end-users in the healthcare sector. Mermaid Medical Group is the exclusive distributor for several world-leading manufacturers of medical devices and supply medical devices to hospitals and other end-users.

June 2016

Surgical Specialties Corporation Announces Approval of Expanded Use for BioSentry™ Track Sealant System in Europe


Braintree, MA – May 20, 2016 – Surgical Specialties Corporation (Surgical Specialties), a leading provider of branded, private label, and OEM medical devices for advanced surgery, wound closure, ophthalmology, and radiology announced today approval for expanded European labeling for its BioSentryTM Track Sealant System. This approval expands the number of patients that can benefit from this technology now that it can be used with a larger 17 gauge biopsy system. This important change allows a significantly greater number of percutaneous transthoracic lung biopsy procedures to be able to use BioSentry™, which is proven to reduce the risk of pneumothorax and subsequent adverse events.

Mermaid Medical Proudly Introduces the Endoscopic Marker Injection Needle


While the success of an endoscopic tattoo strongly depends on injecting with the right depth Mermaid Medical developed a specific endoscopic needle for marking the Gastro Intestinal tract with endoscopic markers like SPOT. This sharp, flexible needle has the right needle length for secure and safe submucosal injection.

Contact your local Mermaid Medical representative for your introduction offer on this new Mermaid Medical product.

April 2016

Having Trouble Examining Open Wounds?


The next generation of sterile barriers has expanded. Introducing a new sterile hydrogel dressing from Civco Medical Solutions.

HydroAid® sterile hydrogel dressing is applied as a protector of skin and wounds and can be used as a scanning standoff between a transducer and a patient’s skin in the course of ultrasound diagnostics.

With a sterile HydroAid® hydrogel pad, it is possible to examine the open wounds where the use of liquid gels is not possible. HydroAid® is also used in the sonography of irregular surfaces and other areas to improve the visibility of surface structures or where it is difficult to conduct local examinations.

Please contact your local representative or go to the product site for more information about the availability.

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February 2016

Mermaid Medical Group Supports the work of Families of Children with Cancer


Again this year the Mermaid Medical Group supports the important work of Families of Children with Cancer. Any donations makes a huge difference to families of children with cancer. The organization provides opportunities for families to get out and meet people going through common experiences while in treatment or out of treatment. These are great opportunities for families to get away from the life of pokes, pills, thinking about doses of chemo in order to enjoy a fun event as a family.
Last year’s activities covered excursions to Legoland, circus performances, football matches with the Danish top teams and lots of other social events.

January 2016

Intuit™ Series – Ultrasound Probe Covers


Introducing a new line of transducer covers utilizing CIVCO’s premium CIV-Flex™ material and delivering simplified application mechanisms for an improved user experience across all sterile ultrasound procedures. The Intuit series allows convenient placement of gel and simple application onto the transducer along with a three-dimensional “box end” for distortion-free scanning. Sterile procedure kits include transducer cover, sterile gel packet and colored elastic bands. Covers and bands are not made with natural rubber latex.

The Intuit Roll™ features an interior band remaining intact following deployment eliminating the need for sliding additional bands down the cord.  Intuit Glide™ offers a sterile applicator designed to eliminate variability in procedure set-up.  This is the ultimate infection control solution, with quality that is second-to-none.

Distribution of Scholten Novatome™


Mermaid Medical is very pleased to announce the exclusive distributorship of Scholten Novatome™. The endomyocardial biopsy forceps will be available in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Germany and United Kingdom.

Scholten Novatome™ is specially designed to acquire maximum specimen size for more accurate pathology results. The single action cutting jaw (Single moving jaw) provides superior cutting force.

Please contact your local representative or go to the product site for more information about the product.