In addition to the 20ml container the BiopSafe buffered formalin solution is now available in a 60ml container. The new 60ml container is useful for storage of larger tissue in a safe way and can contain up to four standard cassettes. Together with the 20ml container, it will provide a complete formalin fixation solution that is safe and easy to work with. The 60ml container comes in transportation boxes of 72 pieces.

The BiopSafe system consists of a small, easy to use container (vial) with a 4 % formaldehyde solution capsuled in the lid. You screw the lid on and apply pressure with your thumb, allowing the formalin to flow out and cover the biopsy. Everything is done inside the container and no formalin is released in either liquid or vapor form.

Mermaid Medical is the exclusive distributor in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Please contact your local representative for more information.