We are proud to announce that by January 19th, 2018 Mermaid Medical can add Spain and Portugal to the current list of countries (Netherlands, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland) where Mermaid exclusively distributes ProbeFix. The fixation device for cardiac ultrasound transducers is developed by the Dutch company Usono that develops smart ultrasound solutions to ease, improve and innovate the use of ultrasound. Since its release last year, ProbeFix has received lots of international attention and positive user feedback. The stable and adjustable fixation allows for hands-free ultrasound measurements during lengthy cardiac exams and other time-consuming procedures like stress echo or cardiac output monitoring. This innovative fixation system confirms improved workflow of cardiologists which enhances the examination quality and consequently a more reliable diagnosis for the patient.

ProbeFix will be distributed in Spain and Portugal via Mermaid Medical’s local dealer network.



Mermaid Medical Iberia, Nat. Sales Manager, Ruth Perez:
+34 925 717378

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