Procedure Kits

Procedure kits – “with well known products composed together with the customer”

Procedure kits manufactured by Betatex S.p.A. for Mermaid Medical A/S
The commitment of the Betatex Procedure kits from Mermaid Medical A/S is to:
• provide simple and easy to use products
• provide products responding to customer’s need
• contain costs with competitive, quality products
• provide a professional approach, quality design, execution and delivery to our customers
• quick, efficient service to our customers

Using several of manufactures and outside sourced products, Betatex S.p.A. is able to assemble a complete range of customized procedure kits for application in various surgical and medical procedures in the following departments:
• Interventional Radiology
• Cath. Lab.
• Cardiology
• Neuroradiology
• Critical Care
• Ortopaedics
• Urology

In the Betatex S.p.A. Procedure kits from Mermaid Medical A/S – everything is possible.


– Composed according to customers wishes
– No product limit
– Well-known products
– Fast delivery
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