PeelSafe Advantage is fast and convenient, peel off the label and apply directly to the transducer without gel inside the cover.

As an infection control leader in the market, CIVCO is excited to introduce a new technology to save time and streamline your ultrasound workflow. This new technology in conjunction with our Intuit series covers is an intuitive, easy-to-use sterile barrier and designed to provide distortion-free images while scanning.

PeelSafe Advantage™ saves time, no gel needed inside cover, will not leave residue on the transducer, will not harm your transducer.

Intuit Roll™ with PEELSafe Advantage

  • Open face for easy insertion of transducer
  • Pull-tab designed for consistent deployment without breaching sterile field
  • Interior band remains intact eliminating need for sliding additional bands down the cord

Intuit SnapFit™ with PEELSafe Advantage

  • Sterile applicator includes diagram indicating cover placement direction on probe
  • Easy deployment over the transducer for complete sterile field
  • Designed to eliminate variability in procedure set-up
PeelSafe Roll
PeelSafe Advantage
PeelSafe Roll