Ablation Systems

DOPHI™ M150E MW Ablation System

Dophi™ M150E MW Ablation System brings clinicians perfect ultraspherical ablation experience with its high precision, unmatched consistency and predictable results.


  • High-tech patented design realizes accurate energy control within 5% tolerance


  • Ablation consistency in different parts of the same tissue
  • Ablation consistency in multiple identical tissues
  • Ablation consistency in different tissues

Predictable Result

  • Ablation result is predictable under the same setting

Time and Cost Effectiveness

  • Perfect Spherical Ablation Zone with single antenna reduces procedure time and cost

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DOPHI™ R150E RF Ablation System

Dophi™ RF Ablation System can create large and complete ablations even in the most challenging tissues with its advanced precision and multi-electrode ablation technology.

Besides 17G electrode, Dophi™ RF Ablation System also provides 19G electrode, which is one of the thinnest ablation electrode with the water cooling system on the market

Advanced precision

  • Automatic ablation algorithm creates high-accuracy energy control within 10% tolerance

Multi-electrode ablation capacity

  • Three electrodes ablation synchrony makes large ablation zones possible

Internal Water-cooling System

  • Prevents tissue charring and maximizes ablation zone

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