Revascularization Devices for Acute Ischemic Stroke

NeVa™ Mechanical Thrombectomy System

Next Generation Stroke Treatment
Engineered for first pass success by capturing and retaining all clot types. The Neva Mechanical Thrombectomy system captures and retains the clot within the device to reduce distal embolization. The system is developed for first pass success and is effective against organized and hard emboli.

The NeVa Mechanical Thrombectomy system is indicated for temporary use to restore blood flow in the cerebral vasculature of patients suffering from an acute ischemic stroke.

Optimized Radial Force – bi-directional radial force is optimized for clot capture.
Drop Zone Technology – captures the clot inside the device
Smart Markers – provide physician real time interactive feedback
Closed Distal End – retains the clot and fragments for extraction

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CO2 Delivery Systems


Portable delivery system for Medical-Grade CO2

The CO2MMANDER® Elite is a portable, compact medical-grade CO2 delivery system.

No external power or gas supply is required.

The device uses small medical-grade CO2 cartridges which deliver presure controlled gas at the press of a button. The CO2MMANDER® Elite allows all the safety and benefits of CO2 in a portable system. The CO2MMANDER® Elite is very simple to operate and comes with a QuickStart guide which provides instruction on engaging and disengaging the device.

The AngiAssist medical gas management system is user-friendly, safe and offers accurate pressure controlled gas.

Article numbers

COM12: CO2MMANDER® Elite – CO2 Delivery System
AA0608: AngiAssist® – Medical Gas Management System
CO2/31813: Medical Grade CO2 Cartridge

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Scholten Novatome™

A Biopsy design proven by over 30 years of succesful use. The same sharp and steerable advantages in a new disposable format.

Scholten Novatome™ is specially designed to acquire maximum specimen size for more accurate pathology results.

The two-ringed handle easily adapt to any thumb position. The handle provides a solid instrument feel. With a reputation for its ease of positioning and heart rhythm feedback, Scholten Bioptomes have earned high praise.

The Novatome™ Single use, disposable unit eliminates the risk of contamination. Scholten model is the best choice for safety and precision. Clearly, with a pedigree of more than 30 years of clinical experience, the new disposable model Novatome™ will continue to set the standard worldwide.


– Perfect balance of flexibility and stiffness offering precise navigation and positioning
– Formable distal curve
– Familiar locking finger ring actuation handle
– Super precision machining
– Provides precise cutting edge alignment for every cut
– Single action cutting jaw (Single moving jaw) provides superior cutting force
– Unique hollow ground cutting edge for superior sharpness

Article numbers

SU101-50: 9 French, 50cm, Curved tip, Jaw cup dia: 3.0mm
SU102-50: 8 French, 50cm, Curved tip, Jaw cup dia: 2.7mm
SU103-50: 7 French, 50cm, Curved tip, Jaw cup dia: 2.3mm
SU104-50: 6 French, 50cm, Curved tip, Jaw cup dia: 2.0mm
SU103-100: 7 French, 100cm, Without curved tip, Jaw cup dia: 2.3mm
SU103-100PC: 7 French, 100cm, Curved tip, Jaw cup dia: 2.3mm

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