ProbeFix Fixation Device

ProbeFix is a non-invasive tool which provides lengthy and stable fixation of an ultrasound probe to the body. This can help to reduce the load of shoulders, elbows and wrists of ultrasound technicians, thereby preventing or limiting RSI complaints. The device facilitates hands-free and continuous ultrasound measurement, inducing reproducibility of the ultrasound image. As a result, it significantly optimizes examination quality. Stress echocardiography procedures and cardiac output monitoring at the intensive care department directly benefit from ProbeFix as well as the outpatient cardiology department.


Stress echocardiography

Stress echocardiography is a procedure with dobutamine or a physical exercise on a treadmill or bike. During this lengthy procedure, both wall motion and flow are measured to assess the state of the heart. The use of ProbeFix increases the reproducibility of the image, by ensuring a stable fixation during and after the examination.

Cardiac output measurement

Cardiac output monitoring of the heart is important to assess the need for fluid administration to the patient at the intensive care. VTI monitoring with ultrasound enables monitoring of the cardiac output in a non-invasive way. ProbeFix allows a continuous and stable way of cardiac output monitoring. This leads to reliable results, it is non-traumatic and therefore less harmful for the patient.

Outpatient diagnostic cardiac ultrasound

Due to the high turnover the load to shoulders, elbows and wrists of ultrasound technicians is high. ProbeFix can help to reduce this load thereby preventing or limiting RSI complaints.

ProbeFix device


Execute your examination fully focused to deliver the best possible care



Ensure patient comfort and examination quality at lower costs



Enable a highly reproducible image by the perfect stable position of the probe



Monitor the heart for longer time, because of a stable fix to the body

Instructions for use

ProbeFix enables lengthy ultrasound imaging at the Intensive Care department,
as demonstrated by Dr. Michiel Blans and Dr. Frank Bosch of the Rijnstate Hospital in the Netherlands.

“We use the ProbeFix in order to get reliable results”
Michiel Blans, Intensivist Rijnstate Hospital, Arnhem

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ProbeFix is developed by Usono B.V.

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Mermaid Medical A/S is the exclusive distributor*

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*Mermaid Medical A/S is the exclusive distributor of ProbeFix in Scandinavia, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal.