We are proud to announce that we have signed a distribution contract with the Eindhoven startup, Usono, for the Netherlands, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland for the next four years. Now that the official CE approval is received, we can enter the European market.

Usono makes a device called ProbeFix with which it becomes easier to make an ultrasound: It fixes the position of the device so that the physician has both hands free for operation. Co-founders Benjamin Tchang (CEO), Victor Donker (COO) and Jori Verbeek (CTO) have now, a year after their start in HightTechXL, assembled a team of designers and business developers, which accelerated the production. Usono is located on the High Tech Campus and on the Health Innovation Campus of the Maxima Medical Center in Veldhoven

“We were already carefully working on sales through pre-orders and official quotations in the Netherlands and Belgium”, says Victor Donker. “But with Mermaid Medical, a specialist in the field of sales of accessories for ultrasound, it all accelerates. As a result, we must be able to sell hundreds of ProbeFixes and hundreds of thousands of disposable straps in the coming years.”

ProbeFix is a non-invasive tool which provides lengthy and stable fixation of an ultrasound probe to the body. The device facilitates hands-free and continuous ultrasound measurement, inducing reproducibility of the ultrasound image. As a result, it significantly optimizes examination quality. Stress echocardiography procedures and cardiac output monitoring at the intensive care department directly benefit from ProbeFix.

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ProbeFix bands