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Endoscopic Marker

Spot® Endoscopic Marker (5 ml. syringe)

The first and only non-India-ink-based product for marking the GI tract.

A suspension containing highly purified, very fine carbon particles supplied in a pre-sterilized syringe for endoscopic marking. Spot® is the only non-India-ink-based product for endoscopically marking lesions in the GI tract. Each syringe contains 5cc of a sterile, non-pyrogenic suspension containing highly purified carbon particles which create a permanent mark on the mucosal and serosal surfaces of the colon. A clinical study concluded that Spot® “eliminates the cumbersome preinjection processing required with India ink. Spot® can be used to permanently mark the colon and appears to have the same, if not better, safety profile as India ink.”


– It’s FDA-approved. Spot is the only non-India-ink-based product for marking lesions in the GI tract approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
– India ink preparations contain shellac, phenol, and ammonia that, even in dilute solutions, should be avoided. Spot’s biocompatible, non-toxic formulation contains no India ink.
– Spot is a single-use product, so sterility is easily maintained. Each syringe is steam-sterilized prior to packaging and shipping.
– Each syringe is prefilled. Preparation is simplified thanks to Spot’s ready-to-use product design. Each syringe comes with 5cc of the marking fluid. Just shake it vigorously prior to use.
– It’s easy to work with. Spot is easier to use than India-inkbased markers, and it has a shelf life of two years.
– Spot is permanent when injected into the submucosal tissue. On follow-up endoscopy or surgery, Spot’s marking will be there. India ink substitutes, such as methylene blue, don’t last very long. Metal clips have been used as markers, but they often fall off.

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Injection Needles

Endoscopic Needle
For use with Endoscopic Marker

The success of an endoscopic tattoo highly depends on the application of the endoscopic marker at the correct depth.

This needle is specifically designed for safe injection of the endoscopic marker at the correct depth.

Sharp, flexible and with the appropriate needle length for safe and accurate submucosal injection.

– Very sharp needle tip specifically designed for safe and easy submucosal.
– Shielded tip prevents the needle from damaging the outer tube or the working channel.
– Strong outer tube facilitates easy advancement through complicated anatomic structures.
– Highly lubricant PTFE outer tube for easy passage through the working channel.
– User friendly handle design with easy locking mechanism makes the needle very comfortable to use.

Article number
– EMN2504

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Bitebocks from GI Supply prevent costly bite damage to your scopes during upper endoscopy procedures. Our Biteblocks are available in the widest range of sizes and styles on the market, designed for the specific needs of different patients and endoscopic procedures. Biteblocks from GI Supply are made of soft polyethylene to provide proper teeth protection, and are single-use.

BlueBloc is our most affordable Biteblock, includes an adjustable strap, and accommodates up to a 48 French dilator (16mm).

Designed specifically for use with small children and infants, PediaBloc features a large flange which prevents the Biteblock from slipping into the child’s mouth and accepts up to a 27 French dilator (9mm).

Featuring a specially engineered slip-slope design, UltimaBloc naturally slides back into the mouth as the patient bites down. The large lateral ports enable easy suctioning and finger-assisted scope insertion. UltimaBloc accepts up to a 50 French dilator (16.5mm).

Our most popular Biteblock, OmniBloc includes a large port and a high front flange that maximizes patient comfort by keeping the Biteblock from getting under the lip. OmniBloc easily accepts a 60 French dilator (20mm).

is a sealable plastic bag that provides a safe, convenient way to transport post-procedural endoscopes and other soiled medical equipment.

It has a writable label for easy notation.


– All of our Biteblocks are latex-free, as well as the straps that keep each of them securely in place, contain no latex.
– They’re not one-size-fits-all. We offer different kinds of Biteblocks, because different procedures and patient variations require no less.

Article numbers

GIS-1D: BlueBloc®
GIS-2D: PediaBloc®
GIS-4D: UltimaBloc®
GIS-11D: OmniBloc®
GIS-16: ScopeTote™ plastic bag

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