Mermaid Medical A/S Our main business is within ultrasound accessories and ultrasound interventions. Our ambition is to build bridges, with a strong and solid foundation, between experts, over national borders and between innovators and clinicians. Mermaid Medical is a private and independently owned company, headquartered in the city of Stenløse in Denmark. The company was established in August 2005 and started out slowly but shifted gears and increased its speed in June 2007. Since then, a dynamic management team and a strong and dedicated salesforce have provided a boost to the business. Mermaid Medical is now the exclusive distributor for several world-leading producers of medical devices.

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Mermaid Medical A/S supports the Danish Hospital Clowns

Hospital Clowns bring moments of happiness and distraction to children who are ill or who have special needs. Clowns also bring smiles to vulnerable adults, including seniors and people with dementia who are in hospital care.The clowns make contact through humour and create great moments of laughter and lightness for them.

There are Hospital Clowns all over the world. Mermaid Medical A/S supports the Danish Hospital Clowns and we can only urge you to do the same in your part of the world.

Hospital Klovne